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As a working actor I knew I wanted to create a safe place for actors to play, grow, and learn.

The Actors Work Studio is by actors for actors. It's what I wish had existed when I started out.              I spent years in acting classes where teachers talked for hours and I spent only 10 minutes on screen or working in class.  I spent years in the industry struggling to figure out what "they" wanted and desperate to book a part. Then something magical happened: I started to truly believe in myself. I felt empowered by my process.  At The Actors Work Studio it's that harmony between self-belief and hard work that create the actor you want to become. 

"There's no such thing as talent; you just have to work hard enough"

-David Mamet

At The Actors Work Studio the focus is on the work: You bring the courage, dedication & commitment. Our process is easy to follow and can be applied to all of your work. My background & degree in theatre taught me the foundation and history of the craft.

Years in tv and film along with continued education has given me the perspective to push you to fully unlock your power.

Join Me.

inside the studio.

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Intro to Acting

This class is for beginners.  You will learn how to read & break down a script, memorization technique, and how to audition for a part. In this session the focus is on building technical skills for the audition room that casting directors expect as a sign of a professional actor.

6 week session including one full session on the 360 approach to your acting career with branding & marketing.

4 hours per week. On-Camera. Bring your own SD card to track your progress.


Studio Level I

For beginner & intermediate actors who find themselves seeking a new approach. At The Actors Work Studio we break down scripts to analyze story and create compelling characters. Using new scripts you'll also learn how to audition for a part. If you're looking for a fresh, efficient way to enhance your work, this class is for you.

6 weeks, 4 hours/once per week. On-Camera. Bring your own SD card to track your progress.

Studio Level II

For intermediate actors & working actors who want to challenge themselves to explore their range & power. This class is for actors who are auditioning. In this session, we focus further on script analysis & character through audition technique & scene study. How do you create a memorable character? How do you use your strengths to enhance auditions and start booking? This practical approach reduces the stress that can come along with auditions.

6 Weeks/4 once per week. On-Camera. Bring your own SD card to track your progress.

Impovisation Workshop
Ideal for teams in corporate, office, & educational environments. Learn how to collaborate & communicate clearly in a fun and engaging way. Programs tailored to your organizations individual needs.

Actors Starter Kit
1 day, 8 hour workshop where you'll learn how to audition. From breaking down a script to audition technique, script analysis, scene prep, improvisaton, and making strong choices to create memorable characters. Branding & Marketing portion to learn how to get an agent, find auditions, and more.

2 Day Audition Skills Workshop
This workshop is an intensive designed to refine audition technique and get you booking. Using current scripts & new methods you'll get ready for auditioning by developing a process that works for you. Learn how to understand and enhance character breakdowns and bring the script to life.  Branding & Marketing for the Actor using a 360 approach is included.

Don't leave anything to chance when you have a big audition or self-tape. The Actors Work Studio approach is about helping you identify & enhance your strengths, often called your "Tool Kit" and learning new techniques to improve your talent. Our practical approach to creating stand out auditions will give you the confidence that's crucial in this biz.  It's easy to follow and you can apply it to any scene. You can select add-ons for your session like editing or hair & makeup.

At The Actors Work Studio we know how important it is to learn from and connect with industry leaders in different positions. Our Master Classes feature one on one sessions with heavyweights who generously share their knowledge from years in the industry.  Guests include Agents, Directors, Casting Directors, and more.

Shoot us en email for more info about the next Master Class!

Ask about our free weekly workout for graduates of the Studio Program.

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